What is Sparx?

The Sparx Skate Sharpener is the first true automated skate sharper. Sparx produces professional quality results consistently. You get sharp edges, even edge height and smooth finish which are the 3 factors of a quality skate sharpening.

Why Sparx?

A lot of variables play into getting the perfect edge every single time. The stone on the machine, the tool that “dresses” the stone to give you the desired hollow on the blade, the alignment of the skate to the wheel and last but not least the operator must move the skate across the wheel at an even steady pace and pressure. Get one of these variables slightly wrong and your edges are off. With Sparx you get Consistency, Precision and Accuracy with every sharpening.

Sparx eliminates all operator errors giving you professional quality edges with every sharpening.

How do I know what hollow (ROH) is right for me?

Do you prefer more grip or more glide? When deciding on the hollow, you should consider the trade of, the more bite you want the less glide you will have. The more glide you want the less bite you will have. Typically most shops will use a standard 1/2 hollow. If you are unsure, we recommend starting with a 1/2 or 5/8.

We will recommend a proper hollow for you based on individual skills and attributes.

More detailed explanation of skate blade hollows (ROH)

Whats is the difference between Traditional Hollow and Flat Bottom V?

Please refer to this page for a more detailed explanation of hollows. Talk to us if you are cosidering trying Flat Bottom V. Keep in mind hollows from traditional cuts are not equal to the same cut in Flat Bottom V. In other words 1/2 in traditional hollow does not translate to 1/2 Flat Bottom V.

How to Choose the Proper Hollow for Your Skates?

How do you test for even edges?

We use an Edge Checker to make sure the edges are even.

How do you check for smooth finish?

A smooth finish on the skating surface of your blade is the final factor we look for when inspecting for the perfect sharpening. A nice, smooth finish contributes to a near frictionless glide of the skate over the ice surface. Basic science says, the rougher a surface, the more friction created when moving one object over another.

The smoother the surface, the less friction or drag we’ll have when the blades are gliding on ice. If you’ve ever experienced skates that feel sluggish, a rough surface finish could be slowing you down. We’ve found that some of the most experienced sharpeners can hit Even Edges and Sharp Edges while missing on the Smooth Finish.

A proper sharpening will leave a mirror-like finish with nothing more than very fine lines visible that run the length of the blade.

A rough surface, which typically is visible, oftentimes has a snake skin like or scalloped pattern.

Does the Sparx Sharpener sharpen goalie skates?

Yes, the Sparx Sharpener will sharpen goalie skates.

Does the Sparx Sharpener sharpen figure skates?

Yes, the Sparx Sharpener will sharpen figure skates.

What size hockey skates does the Sparx Sharpener fit?

Most player skates sized Youth 9 to Adult 13 and goalie skates between the sizes of Youth 9 to Adult 10.5 will fit in the Sparx Sharpener.

Can Sparx sharpen new steel?

Yes, Sparx can sharpen new steel blades, However there is an additional fee of $5. Sharpening new steel requires more passes of the grinding ring in order to carve out the correct radius (ROH) on a new skate blade.

Do any professional hockey players use Sparx?

The Sparx Sharpener has been tested by thousands including youth, collegiate, olympian, and NHL level players. Some of the most elite and particular skaters in the world have tried Sparx and have testified to its accuracy and precision.

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For any other questions, please write us at skatesparx@gmail.com