Ice Skate Sharpening by Mail With Sparx

We provide consistent ice skate sharpening by mail. Don’t have a local sharpening service or not happy with the quality of sharpening at your rink? Send us your blades for a perfect sharpening every time. We use state of the art Sparx automated sharpener which gives you the perfect edge every time. A custom grinding ring is used for each hollow, so whether you get 3/8″ or 1″ or anywhere in between, you can be certain that it will be the consistent every time. Every sharpening is checked with the Edge Checker to make sure edges are even. Available in traditional hollow and flat bottom V.

Sharpening Skates by Mail is Easy

Step 1

Select the number of blades you are sending in and select your preferred hollow radius for each pair.

Step 2

Carefully remove your blades, package them and ship them to us.

Step 3

Sit back and relax. Most customers get their blades back within 5 days of shipping them out.

Skate Sharpening by Mail FAQ

Why Get Your Skates Sharpened by Mail?

There are many benefits of skate sharpening by mail. You’ll get perfect, consistent skate sharpenings every time, plus it will save you time and money on gas by not having to drive down to the hockey store for just a sharpening, or having to get to the rink early to wait in line. Think of us like the NETFLIX of skate sharpening, quick service and right to your mailbox. How easy is that! It’s even easier when you have a second set of blades to rotate back and forth. Having a backup set of steel has many advantages. You’ll have a spare set for emergency breakages. You’ll also have a freshly sharpened pair to take with you to tournaments, or even to those late night games when you lose an edge and the pro shop is closed. Even if you don’t plan on using our sharpening service routinely, having that second set of steel is priceless.

How much does it cost?

Rates for sharpening are:
– $10 per pair for previously sharpened blades.
– $15 per pair for new blades that have never been sharpened.
– $8 Flat rate shipping blades back to you.

*** Save $5 when you sharpen 3 pairs of blades in the same order.***

Why does it cost more to sharpen new blades?

The initial sharpening is very different than a regular sharpening. New skates or replacement steel is just a flat rough cut slab. It takes more passes with the stone to get the blades to the desired radius.

Which hollow radius is right for me?

While we can recommend a hollow based on your attributes we have learned that at the end of the day it still comes down to preference. Use this hollow radius guide for reference or send us an email.

How much is shipping?

$8 flat rate shipping cover the cost of shipping the blades back to you. We do not make money on shipping. We also have an express overnight shipping option available.

How do I remove my blades?

For Bauers, their new steel has a quick release trigger, pull the trigger and pry at the heel. For other Bauers remove the footbed and remove the white plastic caps. You will see an 8mm nut inside the holders. Simply unscrew the nut (use a 1/4″ drive nutdriver with a long extension to make the task easier) and the blade will pull right out. All other brand skates have screws on the outside of the skate, just take them out and pull the blades out. Email if you have trouble.

How should I ship my blades?

The best way to ship your blades to us is in a Post Office Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope. Priority Mail is quick, usually 1-3 days anywhere in the country (US Only). You can fit up to 5 sets in one envelope. BE SURE TO SECURE EACH PAIR INSIDE THE ENVELOPE! Best way to ship them is to put them inside a Tyvek envelope, roll it, then place it in the Priority Envelope. Please don’t ship blades to us in the blue Bauer cases unless you don’t mind paying more shipping. Also, please don’t wrap blades themselves with tape, it’s hard to get tape off the metal and it leaves a sticky residue that could throw off your edges by 1/1000″. There is also no need to wrap the blades in duct tape, bubble wrap, or other homemade coverings.
*** Make sure your package has a tracking number ***

How soon will I receive my blades back?

We try to sharpen and ship them back same day. Typically most customers get them back with 5 days of shipping. If you need them expedited please contact us first.

How do I pay?

You can pay with a credit card on our secure check out page.

Can you ship internationally?

Please contact us first if you need your blades shipped internationally.